Saving Moeny and Timw buying Projector Lamps From PLC


PLC is the authorized and trusted distributor of OEM projector bulbs. Projector Lamp Clinic is well versed in recommending people on buying projector lamps.

If the company offers projector lamps without plastic housing, be cautious:

The plastic housing for projector bulbs is a measure of safety, performance and ruining the risk from projector damage. Projector manufacturers generally do not sell their lamps as only bulbs without plastic housing. This is an indication of hassle free, use friendly replaceable lamp.

Always ask “Am I getting a manufacturer original lamp with housing?”

The projector lamps shops have listed their contact us information on their website where you can send an email or call the shop directly. You need to judge the person and his expertise from the reply you get. They may give you many advices on buying different lamps which will fit your projectors. Buying a lamp for hitachi projector or which will fit in hitachi projector is different than buying hitachi projector lamp.

We at PLC give you expert advice on buying right projector lamp. It is always good to buy OEM projector lamps. Since they are manufactured by branded companies they are same as the original projector lamps which was there when you bought branded projector.

Always check that you are getting a good warranty with your lamp, especially if you believe that you are being sold a compatible product.

There are many shops which sell projector lamps but they are unclear about what they are selling. They are not expert in suggesting the right bulb to the customer. They are also not aware of the exact warranty period. Sometime they over promise which can cause problems to the users once they they have bought the projector lamp.
We at PLC are leaders in projector lamps. We understand the customer requirements very well and our expertise in projector lamps can be leveraged by the customers which can benefit them in the long run.

If you need advice, just give us a call.

We are happy to help customers. PLC team is expert in selling OEM projector lamps. We have trained staff and can answer any questions you have regarding any kind of projectors and projector lamps.

If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your projector, you can can call us directly at +91 98108 05375


Increase the Life of Your Projector Lamps


PROJECTR LAMP CLINIC specialise in supplying projector lamps to the end user. We offer a wide gamut of Projection Lamps, which is mainly used with lighting equipment, like projectors, audiovisual equipment, and LCD projectors. These LCD Projection Lamps of Philips and Osram make are mainly used for indoor & outdoor lighting, professional photography, solar simulation, theater, stage, etc. Our Replacement Projection Lamps are ideal substitute for old and non functioning projection lamps. For instance, it is likely projectors will be used for much longer periods of time, increasing the risk of the lamp burning out before its quoted lamp life.

Purchasing projector lamps on a regular basis can be expensive, especially when budgets are already tight. By following the simple guidelines below, you can optimise the performance of your projector and reduce the number of times you need to change your lamps.

Use the Original Manufacturer Lamps
If your want to increase your projector lamp life so always use original Manufacturer lamps. That can help to increase your Projector life. today there are many company who made duplicate lamps, so avoid these type of company.  You should be able to determine the manufacture of the projector bulb by looking at the back of the reflector. If it said VIP, it was Osram; UHP is Philips and USH is Ushio. Not true anymore. Now it seems that some of these reflectors are being reused by replacing the arc tube with a substandard version. The reflector is the same, the arc tube is not. These are produced by non-regulated companies with unknown manufacturing standards, and come without a warranty. A copy lamp will not offer the same performance as an OEM or OEM equivalent lamp. Furthermore, it may cause damage to your projector, and almost certainly void the projector’s warranty. A general rule of thumb is, if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Do Not Unplug Immediately
If your want to increase your projector lamp life so never unplug immediately after use of projector. Always allow your projector to cool down before turning off or unplugging. Excessive heat can greatly shorten your projector lamp’s life. It is recommended you leave the projector off for at least 10 minutes before unplugging it.

Limit Movement of Projector
Avoid moving your projector whilst it is cooling down or when powering up if you want to increase your projector life. A projector lamp is more likely to become damaged when it is hot.

Clean Your Projector after 3-4 Month of use
Clean the air filters of your projector every 3-6 months. Blocked filters can make the lamp overheat and fail early. In addition, for optimal image quality, always keep your lens clean. The safest way to clean your lens is with a lens cloth or microfibre cloth.

Do Not Handle Lamps with Bare Hands
Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves. Fingerprint deposits cause temperature ‘hot spots’ that can stress the glass, resulting in early failure.

Original Projector Lamps in PLC


 Original Projector Lamps in PLC

Many of distributors in Delhi  claim to sell Original equipment manufacturer bulbs in 3rd party store may actually, at PLC we selling  Original equipment manufacturer projector lamps.

This is supposed to mean the lamp that was originally in the projector when it was new. Companies like Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Samsung and the like do not make bulbs. Instead they contract with major bulb manufacturers to make the bulbs for them. These are the Original equipment manufacturers that lamp distributors refer to.

Projector Lamp Clinic Sell brand and original Projector Lamp

You should be able to determine the manufacture of the projector bulb by looking at the back of the reflector. If it said VIP, it was Osram; UHP is Philips and USH is Ushio. Not true anymore. Now it seems that some of these reflectors are being reused by replacing the arc tube with a substandard version. The reflector is the same, the arc tube is not. These are fit into compatible housings and marketed as Original equipment manufacturer bulbs. You see the familiar VIP, UHP and USH on the back of the bulb and you assume you are getting the Original equipment manufacturer version. Many times you are not.

How can you tell the difference?
The performance will be one way to tell. How long does your lamp work, before you see a significant 40 watt drop off? This is a tell tale sign of a original lamp. Another is price. If someone claims to be selling an Original equipment manufacturer lamp and they are cheaper than everyone else online. They are cutting corners somewhere. Does your lamp have one of the Original equipment manufacturer brand labels on the outside of the box? What if my supplier offers me a long warranty period? These lamps do not have to be extinguished to be of little value. It’s like the old LED emergency lights. They still work but they are so dim, they have lost their usefulness.

Is Lamps is Compatible With Any Projector


In projector lamps there is no universal projector lamp exists. It is not feasible to install a 100W projector bulb into a projector that needs a 150W projector lamp, it is also never feasible to install a 250W lamp into a projector that may require a 250W bulb, but requires a different ignition and running voltage. Projector needed right model of lamp for the projector which is required for it.

Our advise for user in Projector Lamp installation:

We advised you do not install a lamp with the same ignition, running voltages, and wattage settings without also ensuring that the ANSI lumens rate is identical. If the ANSI rates are not identical, the projector will not function correctly. It will run and your projector going too hot, and not release a bright enough image and image colour.

Projector Lamp Clinic  deliver over 5,000 kinds of projector lamps for all major projectors brands. offers Projector Lamp replacement and lamps from over 30 manufacturers including: 3M, Infocus, Sony, Mitsubishi, Epson, Optoma, Sharp, Panasonic, and many more. To find the correct replacement bulb for your projector, use our Projector Bulb

Are There Any Projector Lamps Compatible with Multiple Projectors?

Yes! Several projector manufacturers team up and license or source the same product from a projector lamp manufacturer. Projector Lamp Clinic provides a projector lamp finder that can help you find the right lamp for your projector.

If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your projector, you can can call us directly at +91 98108 05375

Components of a Projector Lamp


There is often confusion with customers over the difference between a lamp, burner, module and connectors – all of which are important parts to understand when purchasing a projector lamp. Some companies do not sell the complete lamp module which can cause frustration and confusion for customers. This section will explain the different components of a projector lamp and what to look out for.

Typically when the Audio Visual and IT industry refers to a Projector Lamp they are actually talking about a complete projector lamp module (rather than the bare lamp), which includes at a basic level a bare lamp which includes a burner and reflector (usually made by Osram, Philips or Ushio), plastic module housing (often called a cage), and connectors. Please refer to the diagram below.

The Burner/High Intensity Discharge Bulb is place inside a reflector creating a lamp. The lamp is then placed inside a housing or cage specifically designed for the projector or RPTV. The lamp is then connected to the projector via connectors.

When looking at a bare lamp in detail there are several major components: The front glass, the burner (also known as a high intensity discharge bulb), and the reflector. Bare lamps are often sold on the open market, requiring the customer to install the bulb into their used module. We do not recommend this process to our customers, hence we only sell complete projector lamp modules for easy installation.

Light is emitted when metal halide atoms in the High Intensity Discharge bulb (burner) are excited by an electrical discharge between two electrodes in the bulbous midsection of the bulb.rtjui

Projector lamps Dealer in Mumbai


Projector lamps Dealer in Mumbai

A projector may be best thought of as an inverted camera, spitting light out of a lens rather than receiving it. We deal in eminent Projector Lamps as we are the one of trusted dealers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, traders, resellers and distributors in Indixca based at Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad. A Genuine projector comes with a good quality projector lamp that would work to the tune of twenty thousand hours. Good quality material needs to be purchased from a trusted companies directly over the time and renowned in the area which we are precisely one of them. With the results we have a long trusted stand between the brands and the Users.

We provide LCD Projector lamps or DLP and it is  available with warranty in Mumbai. The entry level projectors or pocket projectors, the range may belong to mobile projectors or projectors that are used for large conference room or class rooms or business purpose all work on lamp. And the lamps come with life and then they need a suitable replacement with warranty which comes with our dealer and distributors all alike across India. Be it Mumbai pune Bangalore ahmendabad navi Mumbai or thane, the quality commitment and consistency of our dedication would never change.

PLC gives about 30 and more lamps brands. Spares of about projector brands can be found. You can also visit here to solve any issue. We are well known dealer of spares at Mumbai. We are also well known exporter for spares. You can buy spare as you wish. All things can be purchased here. We satisfy needs of our customer. We are always here.
Visit here to find all spares. We are well service provider. We offer many spares near to customer city. They can buy things near to your city. Visit PLC to get more. You can visit here to find more. Branded projector lamps brands in Mumbai.

Lamps Repair in Mumbai

We have superior quality projector lamps and projector spare parts. You can buy best quality of spares and lamps in your city. We are distributor of original spare parts. Lamps are made up of original materials. Pricing of things and other material is economic. You can match many accessories for your projectors in PLC. Our main services include replacing of many spares. You can replace many spares of projectors like lamps, assembly, panels, wheels, chips, and many other things.

Projector Lamp Clinic Delhi!


We’re a Delhi company that’s passionate about projector lamps!

Projector Lamp clinic is committed to offering Delhi  on replacement projector lamps, projector bulbs,  – We Guarantee it! We offer shipping by courier on every projector lamp sell, regardless of how many you buy or where you live in Canada. Projector Lamp Source also has the biggest inventory of projector lamps in Delhi!

The Best (and Longest) Lamp Warranty in Delhi!

Since we sell only 100% New Genuine Lamps we give you the BIGGEST WARRANTY in delhi–90 Days! Plus, buy your projector lamp  with confidence with our NO HASSLE warranty. Note: Watch-out for competitors who charge you extra money for their extended warranty and only offer 60 to 90 days.

Shipping anywhere in Delhi

We ship all of our projector lamps by courier from our D-102, 2nd Floor, Street No.5, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi . We also accept pick-up/collection if you are local to our office.

Established Delhi Supplier

For peace of mind when buying projector lamps make sure you select a trusted supplier. Our group of projector lamp companies has been serving Delhi for over 11 years. Our team of lamp experts has over 11 years of combined experience.

Original Projector Lamp Manufacturer Partner

Projector Lamp clinic is supported by the major projector lamp manufacturers company  supply with Original / Genuine lamps. All of our lamps are NEW and purchased directly from the Original Projector Lamp Manufacturers.

With our Price Guarantee, the Biggest Warranty, and 100% New Original/Genuine Lamps… why wouldn’t you give us the opportunity to serve you? If you have any questions on our projector lamp services please call us on +91 98108 05375 / +91 99100 18412

+91 98108 05375
Address: Corporate Office and A V Repair Center
D-102, 2nd Floor, Street No.5, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110 092, India

When to change Projector Lamp


Every one often get questions about how long a projector lamp work. Manufacturers claim 2000-5000 hours. From over 11 years of selling projectors, We can tell you that if your projector lamp works more then 1500 hours then you are the luckiest guy whose projector lamp work so long. After 1500-2000 hours that you’ll find the projector lamp can not work properly the brightness and the color of image going down day by day. Color accuracy and brightness will have faded according to long ago, and contrast will be almost meaningless. At 2000 hours of use, your image will be dull and lifeless, and generally useless.

After 400 hours using the projector lamp of, the brightness and color  of the genuine lamp had faded when compared to a new projector lamp. So we suggest you if your projector lamp worked for 1500 hours then you needed to change it with new projector lamp. If your projector lamp should not be genuine then it stop working within 1000 hours.

Replaced the blown lamp right away and discovered that my “new” lamp (now three years old with a maximum of 600 hours) didn’t look nearly as good as the brand new lamp. Imagine how bad the 5-year-old survivor would have looked by comparison.

Projector lamps don’t go from 100% brightness to blowing up overnight. It’s a slow fade that you won’t notice until you put a new lamp in your projector – usually when the old lamp stops working. If you have 500-1000 hours of use on your projector, you should probably consider a replacement lamp to ensure optimal performance.

<h2>Life of a Projector Lamp</h2>

The expected life of a lamp will vary based on the lamp technology and the projector; however, most projectors offer about 2000 hours. The lamp’s success rate is based on a bell curve, so that a majority of (but not all) lamps will meet the lamp life hours specified. Some lamps will fail sooner and this is part of the acceptable operating range of the rating.

For projectors that are used under normal operating conditions (no more than three to five hours per day in a clean, relatively dust-free environment) the lamp will have the greatest likelihood of lasting through its entire rated lamp life.

Projector lamp replacement in Chandigarh


Projector lamp replacement in Chandigarh:

Replacement of Projector lamp is available at chandigarh. Customer can do replacement their projector lamp at their city. Maintenance of projector lamps and other spare parts can be done easily at Chandigarh city. You can do projector lamp replacement in Chandigarh. All spare parts can be replaced by vendor in Chandigarh. Replacement of spare parts is done to increase the life cycle of projector lamps. You can extend life of your projector accessory by replacing it at projector lamp clinic. Projector lamp clinic is house for projector lamps and there spare parts. All types of projector lamps can be replaced at out store. Projector lamps and there spare parts of many brands can be exchanged here by customer if they needed. Replacement of projector lamps of brands like Epson, Dell, Infocus, Plus, NEC. And replacement of Toshiba, Viewsonic, Hitachi, So, Canon, Casio, Panasonic, Sony, 3M, 3Dperception, Ask, Benq, IBM is available at any time. Also replacement of many other top projector brands can be done here.

Projector Spare Parts replacement in Chandigarh:

Replacement of huge number of spare parts of projector accessories can be done by customers at your city. Who need replacement of spare parts of their projectors. Replacement of spare parts of many projector lamps and projector accessories can be done here. Projector lamp replacement in Delhi is easy for nearby vendor. Replacement of spare parts like Power Supply accessories, Lamp Ballast, Main Board, LCD Panels, Panels Assembly. And replacement of Projector Filters, Cooling Fan, Prism Assembly, Optics and Glassware, LANSES, LENSES Assembly, Focusing Assembly. Repair of Exhaust Fan Assembly, Color Wheel Assembly, Color Filter, DUST Filter, All Covers with Micro Switches, Polarizer Glass, DMD Chip, Remotes. Do projector lamp replacement in Chandigarh of all these parts can be done by customers.

Replacement projector lamp in Chandigarh

Digital media system 815 projector lamp is famous projector lamp well known as replacement projector lamp. Projector lamp replacement can be done in Delhi city where PLC is located. 3M digital media system 815 projector lamp is used as a replacement projector lamp for many models of 3M projector lamps.

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If you follow below mentioned points you can increase your projector and its lampo life to more than double:

  • Never allow projector to overheat; it is the top most cause of lamp failure due to over temperature stress.
  • Allow you shutdown projector let it get cool by 10 mins, also never move the projector when in use. Because it is 100 percent changes for projector lamp to get damaged when in use and is heated The lamp is much more susceptible to damage while it is hot.
  • Tye to operate projector in clean dust free environment to avoid clogging of projector fans and filters and make it a habit to clean them on regular basis
  • Around Projector fan there should be sufficient space so that the fan heat is dispersed
  • Run on “economy mode” of projector is the projector model is having it, it will decrease brightness of display but increase lamp life
  • Do not leave ever projector in extreme variant environmental temperature not too hot nor too cold.