Increase the Life of Your Projector Lamps


PROJECTR LAMP CLINIC specialise in supplying projector lamps to the end user. We offer a wide gamut of Projection Lamps, which is mainly used with lighting equipment, like projectors, audiovisual equipment, and LCD projectors. These LCD Projection Lamps of Philips and Osram make are mainly used for indoor & outdoor lighting, professional photography, solar simulation, theater, stage, etc. Our Replacement Projection Lamps are ideal substitute for old and non functioning projection lamps. For instance, it is likely projectors will be used for much longer periods of time, increasing the risk of the lamp burning out before its quoted lamp life.

Purchasing projector lamps on a regular basis can be expensive, especially when budgets are already tight. By following the simple guidelines below, you can optimise the performance of your projector and reduce the number of times you need to change your lamps.

Use the Original Manufacturer Lamps
If your want to increase your projector lamp life so always use original Manufacturer lamps. That can help to increase your Projector life. today there are many company who made duplicate lamps, so avoid these type of company.  You should be able to determine the manufacture of the projector bulb by looking at the back of the reflector. If it said VIP, it was Osram; UHP is Philips and USH is Ushio. Not true anymore. Now it seems that some of these reflectors are being reused by replacing the arc tube with a substandard version. The reflector is the same, the arc tube is not. These are produced by non-regulated companies with unknown manufacturing standards, and come without a warranty. A copy lamp will not offer the same performance as an OEM or OEM equivalent lamp. Furthermore, it may cause damage to your projector, and almost certainly void the projector’s warranty. A general rule of thumb is, if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Do Not Unplug Immediately
If your want to increase your projector lamp life so never unplug immediately after use of projector. Always allow your projector to cool down before turning off or unplugging. Excessive heat can greatly shorten your projector lamp’s life. It is recommended you leave the projector off for at least 10 minutes before unplugging it.

Limit Movement of Projector
Avoid moving your projector whilst it is cooling down or when powering up if you want to increase your projector life. A projector lamp is more likely to become damaged when it is hot.

Clean Your Projector after 3-4 Month of use
Clean the air filters of your projector every 3-6 months. Blocked filters can make the lamp overheat and fail early. In addition, for optimal image quality, always keep your lens clean. The safest way to clean your lens is with a lens cloth or microfibre cloth.

Do Not Handle Lamps with Bare Hands
Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves. Fingerprint deposits cause temperature ‘hot spots’ that can stress the glass, resulting in early failure.


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