Saving Moeny and Timw buying Projector Lamps From PLC


PLC is the authorized and trusted distributor of OEM projector bulbs. Projector Lamp Clinic is well versed in recommending people on buying projector lamps.

If the company offers projector lamps without plastic housing, be cautious:

The plastic housing for projector bulbs is a measure of safety, performance and ruining the risk from projector damage. Projector manufacturers generally do not sell their lamps as only bulbs without plastic housing. This is an indication of hassle free, use friendly replaceable lamp.

Always ask “Am I getting a manufacturer original lamp with housing?”

The projector lamps shops have listed their contact us information on their website where you can send an email or call the shop directly. You need to judge the person and his expertise from the reply you get. They may give you many advices on buying different lamps which will fit your projectors. Buying a lamp for hitachi projector or which will fit in hitachi projector is different than buying hitachi projector lamp.

We at PLC give you expert advice on buying right projector lamp. It is always good to buy OEM projector lamps. Since they are manufactured by branded companies they are same as the original projector lamps which was there when you bought branded projector.

Always check that you are getting a good warranty with your lamp, especially if you believe that you are being sold a compatible product.

There are many shops which sell projector lamps but they are unclear about what they are selling. They are not expert in suggesting the right bulb to the customer. They are also not aware of the exact warranty period. Sometime they over promise which can cause problems to the users once they they have bought the projector lamp.
We at PLC are leaders in projector lamps. We understand the customer requirements very well and our expertise in projector lamps can be leveraged by the customers which can benefit them in the long run.

If you need advice, just give us a call.

We are happy to help customers. PLC team is expert in selling OEM projector lamps. We have trained staff and can answer any questions you have regarding any kind of projectors and projector lamps.

If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your projector, you can can call us directly at +91 98108 05375


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