Projector Brands are best for long term reliability?


Projector lamp Clinic deals in the trading and service providing of Projector Lamps in Pune. Designed to be used for long period of time, these projector lamps are manufactured at par with the set industry standards and are designed to perfection. Truly compatible, these projector lamps are available in variegated ranges and specifications and deliver outstanding performance for pretty long period of time. Besides, these are offered at suitable prices to our beloved clients.

Projector Lamp Clinic has been in the projector business for many years. In that time we have got a really good feel for the brands that make stuff to last and those that don’t. This blog post should be of particular interest to any school or educational facility looking at buying new projectors as reading it will help ensure your projectors become assets not liabilities.

The Excellent , the good and the bad

Lets start with the excellent. Excellent  is when we sell a lamp and our customer installs the lamp without any issues or complaints. The projectors then continues to perform flawlessly for years to come. Here are the brands that provide this sort of product experience….in no particular order.

Lamp with Excellent performance 

Lamp with good performance 
Lamp with bad performance 
Take what you will from this list but at the end of the day, if you value quality then buy an Epson, NEC, Sanyo or Hitachi Projectors. They maybe slightly more expensive than the BenQs, Acers and Viewsonics but trust us, you always get what you pay for.

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