When to change Projector Lamp


Every one often get questions about how long a projector lamp work. Manufacturers claim 2000-5000 hours. From over 11 years of selling projectors, We can tell you that if your projector lamp works more then 1500 hours then you are the luckiest guy whose projector lamp work so long. After 1500-2000 hours that you’ll find the projector lamp can not work properly the brightness and the color of image going down day by day. Color accuracy and brightness will have faded according to long ago, and contrast will be almost meaningless. At 2000 hours of use, your image will be dull and lifeless, and generally useless.

After 400 hours using the projector lamp of, the brightness and color  of the genuine lamp had faded when compared to a new projector lamp. So we suggest you if your projector lamp worked for 1500 hours then you needed to change it with new projector lamp. If your projector lamp should not be genuine then it stop working within 1000 hours.

Replaced the blown lamp right away and discovered that my “new” lamp (now three years old with a maximum of 600 hours) didn’t look nearly as good as the brand new lamp. Imagine how bad the 5-year-old survivor would have looked by comparison.

Projector lamps don’t go from 100% brightness to blowing up overnight. It’s a slow fade that you won’t notice until you put a new lamp in your projector – usually when the old lamp stops working. If you have 500-1000 hours of use on your projector, you should probably consider a replacement lamp to ensure optimal performance.

<h2>Life of a Projector Lamp</h2>

The expected life of a lamp will vary based on the lamp technology and the projector; however, most projectors offer about 2000 hours. The lamp’s success rate is based on a bell curve, so that a majority of (but not all) lamps will meet the lamp life hours specified. Some lamps will fail sooner and this is part of the acceptable operating range of the rating.

For projectors that are used under normal operating conditions (no more than three to five hours per day in a clean, relatively dust-free environment) the lamp will have the greatest likelihood of lasting through its entire rated lamp life.


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