If you follow below mentioned points you can increase your projector and its lampo life to more than double:

  • Never allow projector to overheat; it is the top most cause of lamp failure due to over temperature stress.
  • Allow you shutdown projector let it get cool by 10 mins, also never move the projector when in use. Because it is 100 percent changes for projector lamp to get damaged when in use and is heated The lamp is much more susceptible to damage while it is hot.
  • Tye to operate projector in clean dust free environment to avoid clogging of projector fans and filters and make it a habit to clean them on regular basis
  • Around Projector fan there should be sufficient space so that the fan heat is dispersed
  • Run on “economy mode” of projector is the projector model is having it, it will decrease brightness of display but increase lamp life
  • Do not leave ever projector in extreme variant environmental temperature not too hot nor too cold.

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