How to prolong life expectancy of projector lamp


Lamp life for a projector will vary based on many factors including application, installation, intake of cool air and exhaust of hot air, usage and proper maintenance. Heat buildup can reduce lamp life and even damage your projector. Here are some tips to help your projector lamps last longer.

First, the arrangement of the projection environment should pay attention to several points:

  •  To place curtains to block outdoor light
  •  The light source on the top of the screen or nearby should be turn off
  •  The material of walls and floors should not be easy-reflective
  •  If it is only partial area lighting, you can use the spotlight
  • Select a projector screen which suits the environment

Second, please pay attention to a few points while using the projector lamps:

  • The use of a clean environment. In order to prevent dust from getting inside the projector with the fan, the fan entrance has a filter to block dust from entering.
  • To prevent the projector “heat stroke.” When we use the projector, be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the environmental and ventilation conditions.

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