Buy back bids on projectors

Buy back proposals are given on all exclusive projector lamps,  like Epson, Dell, Ask, 3M, Panasonic, Acer, Sony, Toshiba and many other brands of projector lamps and accessories offered by PLC. Special discounts are also given to customer who buys projector fittings from PLC. Buy back deal is also done with the guest depending upon the warranty of projector gears. If old and used projector accessories are given back to PLC, superior discount and distinct offer is given to customer on exchange of projector accessories. Total number of discounts that PLC gives to its customer depends upon the model of the projector and projector accessories. With the help of buy back off offers procurement costs of projector accessories get reduced.  All older projector lamps are reinstated by PLC. It is good idea for customer to change their old projector lamps at PLC best and new trappings are given to customer on specific discount.


Customer Support at PLC

All projectors related issues can be easily cracked at PLC or contacting with PLC service staff. We offer range of amenities to succor our customer at any place. Varied variety of customer care facilities and customer support services are given by our staff to client. Collaboration of customer with supplier help customer to know more about the projector concerns and about maintenance of projector fragments. Many cost effective services are designed by PLC to support its patron at any place. Support is given in the installation of projector, trouble shooting of projector problems, upgrading of projectors. Customers are supported by Mail service, to solve their projector issues, by carry in service that can be disbursed in site. Consumers are also reinforced by contacting them through phone calls, advice is given on phones. Toll free number capability also exists for customer to solve their projector clashes.  Live chat support is also given to vendor they can easily troubleshoot their projector associated hitches.  Our expert clique is always reassuring to customer at any time they can easily contact with PLC expert to know about projector brands, purchasing, delivery, and for many more other services.

Trustworthy companies of PLC

Different types of projector fixtures are given to patron according to their demand as they wish the brand. Mixt array of projector fixtures like projector screens, glasses, color wheels, projector lamps, replacement lamps and other trappings of varied brands like Epson, Dell, Educomp, Panasonic, 3M, Acer, ASK, Viewsonic and other brands yields are given to patron to fulfill their needs. These companies give the best and quality projector fittings to us. All items of these companies are main, and tested by us to take belief.  Dealing of these companies is active and trusted with projectorlampclinic. All companies are well renowned for their products and things those are supplied to us all are trustworthy. These can be used for projection related work.

Projector lamp glass

Projector glasses are presented for home theater projectors, business projectors, and for many compact or other projectors.  Glass of many model are predominant at PLC. Projection glasses can be used easily on day time, brilliant colors, and sharp image realization on glass. Glasses of speckled sizes are available at PLC center. Projection of data or images on glass is easier as compare to projection on screen. Projection on glass screen is best visible for viewers. By using a standard projector user can easily project onto glass. Projection film on projector on projector glass is best and brilliant. Projected image on projector glass are durable. PLC projection glasses are light weighted, these are easy to mount. These glasses are not precious by light, or sun light or other environmental conditions.  These are very effective glasses for projection use. We have varied sizes of projector glasses for different types of customer needs.

Projector lamp brands

We have number of projector lamp models of each brand that we sale. Eclectic assortment pic1-45x45     of top brands projector lamps models are offered in our stock. PLC pact only eminence projector lamps for its customer for their transformed projections allied requirements. We have top brands like Epson, Acer, Ask, Dell, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, 3M and many other projector lamp brands for our purchaser. All projector lamps are pragmatic to use, all are well well-matched to any kind of projector. Many branded trappings are also available for customer as they for their projection related exertion. We proffer top brands for customer projections requirements.

Projector additional fragments in Mumbai city

Many brands of projector lamp and spares parts are available at PLC. We offer quality projectors and assisting portions; they are now easily distributed to customer in Mumbai city. We deliver many fixtures of projectors to those customers who need projector spare parts in their native city. Projector restoration issues can be easily solved at PLC.  Color wheels, power cord, flash tubes, projector reflector, projector  screen, conference equipment, spare  panels, main board, panel assembly, LCD filters, cooling fans, lenses, ports, assembly, dust filter, color filter, DMD chips, remote, power supply cards, polarizer glass, cabinets, mirrors, power suppliers all are placed in inventory.  Spare parts for parade are cabinets, stands, brackets, cable covers, boards, buttons, cables, filter glass and power suppliers all are obtainable for customer.  All projector equipment for projector setting and other parts are available for customer in their near city. Replacement parts of projectors, projector lamps can be effortlessly institute by punter in his city there is need to just surfing at …

PLC Projector Polarization filters

Light is an electromagnetic surge that tends to polarization upshot. Polarizer is an optical sieve that strews only one ray of light. The strained image is signposted between two glass pieces having anti-reflective veneer.  Special sizes of polarizers are offered for our customer. PLC polarizer kit includes polarization switcher, cables, plastic glasses, and manual. Many plastic or paper circular polarized bifocals are available in our store those are well relevant for cinemas projectors, business projectors and education purpose projectors. Spare polarizers are also available for different varieties of projectors. Spare of polarizer is obligatory if there are many color traces on projected image. We have polarizers for complete range of projections systems all filters are grander to use. We succor customer in providing information regarding to filters those are exact have long life and are steadfast to use.

Projector lamps and auxiliary chunks service in Delhi city

Projector lamp models, modules, compatible lampscropped-a2.jpg


, cables, adapters, color wheels, power cord, flash tubes, projector reflector, projector screen, conference equipment, spare panels, main board, panel assembly, LCD filters, cooling fans, lenses, ports, assembly, dust filter, color filter, DMD chips, remote, power supply cards, polorizer glass, ports focusing assembly, glassware and other spare parts of projector all can be now easily attained by punter at any time at projector lamp clinic in Noida, New Delhi. All spare parts are available for all brands of projector. 60 days surety is given on each auxiliary part. All our products are long eternal, outstanding; all are fully fail safe by PLC.  Any projector related clash can be easily deciphered by projector lamp clinic posse at any time to offer hasty and truthful service for its customer. All services can be easily retrieved by vendor near to his native place in Delhi at any time. Those people who are near to Delhi city can gain all projector disarrays easily just either by surfing at   or by visiting to nearby PLC office at Delhi.

Life time of PLC projector lamps

After long time use projector lamp get fail to work, it may be due to physical break, or owing to more operating hours. There are many electrical apparatuses inside the projector lamp those may flop and waged hours may reduce. Projector parts and sifters should be sanitary and airy to escalate the life-span of lamp. All our projector lamps effective hours are 2,000 hours. These lamps may precede long time if these lamps are well sustained.  Booklet growing of projector lamp projection closer and far mounting make big image on screen, daily functional hours should be inadequate to enrich life cycle of projector bulb. Projector should not be straddling on blistering areas they should be mounted in those areas where temperature is less than 35 degree. Warmth may rift projector lamp timely. Lamp tough should be done before purchasing projector lamp. Proper projector operating environment should be choose, it should not be sweltering, smutty or sultry area.

Projector lamp lenses

Innumerable sizes of projector lenses those are embedded on the structure of metal to scatter light for projection. All our projector lenses are definitive for the visual spectacle of depictions, imaginings, and videos. These accouterments are easy to mount within minutes. 2-6 mm projector lamp lenses are obtainable in our stock. Various dimensions and shapes of projector lamp lenses are offered for our customers. Convex projector lenses, optical projector lenses, are real and can be used in different types of projector lamps. All our projector lamp lenses have high life stint. Lenses of various diameters are accessible at PLC. These lenses have adjustable angle and are durable. Heat insulation lenses are very good to use. All our projector lamp lenses are designed to expand their life cycle and time period. These lenses have heat resistance quality and chemical resistance quality. Well suited for rear projections, sharp picture and high contrast picture are formed on the screen where projector is mounted. All projector lenses are made from new technology, and with the new material.