Working of projector lamp

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Projector lamps are an complicated technological that has enabled advances in the way images are displayed and conveyed to a group or audience. These lamps are comprised of 5 main components that, when working cohesively, will produce the desired effect. These are an ARC tube, mercury vapor, electrical wiring, quartz globe reflector, and plastic housing.
An electrical current passes through called an ARC Tube that contains mercury vapor.  This vapor is lit and shines onto a Liquid Crystal Display. This complex process is a driving factor as to why the costs for projectors are quite expensive.
The bulbs themselves have a typical life of 1800 hours. The two main types of bulbs are incandescent or halogen. Halogen bulbs prove to be more effective because the bulbs tend to darken quicker in incandescent ones. To prolong the lifespan of the bulbs, several measures can be taken. Avoid turning on and off the machine rapidly, as this will negatively affect the vapor trapped inside the machine. Additionally, routinely changing the filter will help prevent dust from entering the machine. This causes the lights to burn brighter and hotter, thus reducing the lifespan of the bulbs. Replacing this filter systematically will prove cost effective down the road, since replacement bulbs can be pricey.
Projector lamps are an efficient way to project a desired story or image to an audience and are well worth the money, as long as proper care is afforded to ensure their longevity.

Projector Lamp Dealer In Pune


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Advantages of Projector in the Classroom


Many of the teachers wanted support in the classroom while they were using it, since they were insecure and unsure if it would work for them at that precise moment. They never had consistent opportunity of getting used to handling the equipment.

Better and Advance Student Presentations

Students will appreciate the use of projectors as they prepare class projects that they can now create in PowerPoint or other electronic mediums. Consequently, students will find that presentation creation will go faster with each person using their own computer to create their section of the presentation. Presentations on a projector, additionally, reduce the need to make copies of materials to pass out to classmates during presentations that can now be displayed for the entire class to view at on

Easier and understandable Note Taking

Projectors enable teachers to create bulleted PowerPoint presentations or other highly organized notes for the class. With the use of projectors in the classroom, students can take better notes with the ability to discern what information the teacher displays is most useful to them. Additionally, students can ask the teacher to repeat a slide if they missed information, or even ask that the teacher to email the presentation for further review.

Greater Teaching capable

Projectors release teachers from being bound to chalk and dry-erase boards to present information to their students. With the use of projectors, teachers can now use films, slides, and images to teach students about a variety of subjects. Teachers will also find that the Internet is more useful since projectors can display web content to an entire class, rather than each student accessing information on individual computers, if they are available.

Efficient Use of Class Time

Prior to the use of projectors in the classroom, teachers had to spend time writing notes on the board, as well as erasing information as the board filled up. Projectors require a simple click of a button or mouse, thus, freeing valuable class time. By using projectors, teachers can more easily prepare all notes prior to class for easy presentation. Teachers may also find that they spend less time repeating or rewriting information that is now accessible with a simple click.

Why the Projector Lamp Warranty is Important?


Present time every customer were smart. Unlike some who get caught with their pants down, you bought a spare lamp. So when the inevitable happens. You were prepared for it.

A projector lamp never fails at a according to there time, such as right at the end of a presentation or during a pre-test of the equipment. Having a spare lamp handy can save the day and make you look like a hero.

Unless, your spare lamp doesn’t work either then what can you done.

In some of the projector lamp has a warranty time. The problem is that you bought that lamp 6 months ago or longer and now the warranty is out of force.

This is why we at Projector Lamp Clinic suggest that you always install the new lamp right away. Keep the old lamp as a spare. If you have a defective lamp, it will become evident within 2 weeks of operation. We give 90 days warranty in projector lamp. Well within your warranty to get a free replacement.

A defective lamp is either DOA (dead on arrival), expires within a few hours or is dim. These lamps weaken over time.Your new lamp should be brighter than the old one you are replacing. If your supplier balks at replacing your lamp for any of the above reasons. Get a new supplier.

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What type of lamps are used in today’s projectors?

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Almost all business and home theater projectors rely on lamps that use mercury. We’ll call them UHP lamps, but they are mercury vapor lamps. They are basically a cousin of the mercury vapor lamps used in street lights. When you read about the lamps in projectors, though, you’ll see them called UHP (ultra high pressure), or any of a half dozen plus acronyms. Trying to tell them apart by the different names, is mostly a waste of time. UHP, UHM, NSH, UHE, etc, are the same thing, in almost all cases. Shown to the right – a Sanyo projector lamp, in its custom holder.

There is a second type of lamp in use, on very high end, and extremely bright projectors, and these work differently. They are xenon lamps. Overall, they have a better color range than the UHP type lamps, and use xenon, not mercury.

These xenon lamps tend to be significantly more expensive, and have a shorter life than most UHP lamps. They tend to start at over $1000, and typically have a lamp life of 500 to 1500 hours compared to UHP lamps good for 1500 to 5000 hours.

Tips For Replacing a Prpjector Lamp at PLC Delhi


Your projector is smart and will let you know when your lamp needs replacing. However, it can seem intimidating at first to replace a projector lamp if you’ve never done it before. Don’t fret. We’ve put together some simple steps to help you complete the process.

  • Make sure your projector and any connected devices are turned off
  • Let your projector cool down (about 40 minutes), then unplug it completely for added safety.
  • Collect essential tools including a screwdriver and a pair of rags.
  • Follow instructions set in your projector manual to open the projector. To protect the inside, be sure to use a rag to clean off the projector before opening.
  • Access the lamp housing unit.
  • Gently and carefully remove the lamp using your clean rag. Why? These bulbs are very fragile and delicate. The rag will act as a buffer between you and the bulb. Note that some units may have a lever that will make it easier to remove the bulb. Check your manual before beginning this process.
  • Once removed, you can now install your new lamp. Make sure it is securely in place and that the wiring is re-attached if required on your model.
  • Finally, reset the lamp hour counter or timer to get your new projector lamp up and running. To do this, simply find the reset button then press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Close your projector and turn it on to test your new bulb.

It may be tempting to delay replacing your bulb, but note that you will likely only have a few hours left of viewing after your warning light comes on. Therefore, it is wise to have an extra bulb in stock before the warning light comes on.

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