Tips for Taking Care of your Projector


Projector Lamp Clinic Sharing Some tips to Taking care of your Projector:-

There are many tips that can be applied  and precautions that should be recognized to ensure your projector and lamp perform at their optimum levels for as long as possible. The first, and most obvious tip is to read the user’s manual that came with your projector. It will include very important information regarding the operation of your specific projector. The environment in which you locate your projector is also crucial to its performance. Do not operate your projector in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a smoky environment. Once you turn on your projector, wait at least five minutes before turning it off to allow the fan to properly cool the unit.

Life Of Projector Lamp:-

Several factors determine how long the lamp will perform at its optimum level. These include the application of the projector, intake of cool air and exhaust of hot hair, usage and proper maintenance. Keeping your projector cool is very important, and it’s no different when it comes to the life of your lamp. Always ensure your air filters are cleaned every three to six months, there is good airflow around the projector, and the air intake or exhaust vent is unobstructed. It is important to keep this vent at least two feet away from any object in order to maximizing the cooling of the lamp. Excessive heat can greatly shorten the life of a lamp. Lastly, always be sure to wear gloves when handling lamps. Fingerprint deposits cause temperature ‘hot spots’. Over the long term, the temperature gradient caused by the ‘hot spots’ stresses the glass, resulting in early failure.

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