Why the Projector Lamp Warranty is Important?


Present time every customer were smart. Unlike some who get caught with their pants down, you bought a spare lamp. So when the inevitable happens. You were prepared for it.

A projector lamp never fails at a according to there time, such as right at the end of a presentation or during a pre-test of the equipment. Having a spare lamp handy can save the day and make you look like a hero.

Unless, your spare lamp doesn’t work either then what can you done.

In some of the projector lamp has a warranty time. The problem is that you bought that lamp 6 months ago or longer and now the warranty is out of force.

This is why we at Projector Lamp Clinic suggest that you always install the new lamp right away. Keep the old lamp as a spare. If you have a defective lamp, it will become evident within 2 weeks of operation. We give 90 days warranty in projector lamp. Well within your warranty to get a free replacement.

A defective lamp is either DOA (dead on arrival), expires within a few hours or is dim. These lamps weaken over time.Your new lamp should be brighter than the old one you are replacing. If your supplier balks at replacing your lamp for any of the above reasons. Get a new supplier.

If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your projector, you can can call us directly at +91 98108 05375


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