Tips For Replacing a Prpjector Lamp at PLC Delhi


Your projector is smart and will let you know when your lamp needs replacing. However, it can seem intimidating at first to replace a projector lamp if you’ve never done it before. Don’t fret. We’ve put together some simple steps to help you complete the process.

  • Make sure your projector and any connected devices are turned off
  • Let your projector cool down (about 40 minutes), then unplug it completely for added safety.
  • Collect essential tools including a screwdriver and a pair of rags.
  • Follow instructions set in your projector manual to open the projector. To protect the inside, be sure to use a rag to clean off the projector before opening.
  • Access the lamp housing unit.
  • Gently and carefully remove the lamp using your clean rag. Why? These bulbs are very fragile and delicate. The rag will act as a buffer between you and the bulb. Note that some units may have a lever that will make it easier to remove the bulb. Check your manual before beginning this process.
  • Once removed, you can now install your new lamp. Make sure it is securely in place and that the wiring is re-attached if required on your model.
  • Finally, reset the lamp hour counter or timer to get your new projector lamp up and running. To do this, simply find the reset button then press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Close your projector and turn it on to test your new bulb.

It may be tempting to delay replacing your bulb, but note that you will likely only have a few hours left of viewing after your warning light comes on. Therefore, it is wise to have an extra bulb in stock before the warning light comes on.


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