Projector Maintenace And Care


Your projector represents a major investment so want to keep it happy and working for you. Whether you use your projector to watch movies or for presentations, you will needed to properly care for it to ensure its long life. Maintaining your projector is simple, however it is important that you follow these maintenance tips to keep your projector in pristine condition.

Let it cool.

Don’t shut down your projector too fast but let the fans run for at least two minutes. These machines operate under high temperatures and the fans are designed cool down any super hot elements. Shutting down too quickly your projector’s components.

Clean Projector Filters
Your projector’s filters allow airflow throughout the projector and prevent overheating. Clogged air filters means decreased ventilation, which means increased temperatures, which means a possible lamp meltdown or explosion. Dust and dirt also affect the image quality. Check your air filters every few weeks and keep them clear.

Other Cleaning Tips
Dust particle can cause problems with image and its color. Consequently, it is important to clean your window and obstacle sensor glass periodically. To do this, you’ll need a flammable free lens cleaner and a scratch resistant, lint-free cloth. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the window or glass, instead spray the cloth and wipe. Be sure your projector is off and unplugged before beginning to do any cleaning or maintenance procedures.

Extending the Lamp Life
PROJECTR LAMP CLINIC specialise in supplying projector lamps to the end user. We offer a wide gamut of Projection Lamps, which is mainly used with lighting equipment, like projectors, audiovisual equipment, and LCD projectors. These LCD Projection Lamps of Philips and Osram make are mainly used for indoor & outdoor lighting, professional photography, solar simulation, theater, stage, etc. Our Replacement Projection Lamps are ideal substitute for old and non functioning projection lamps. For instance, it is likely projectors will be used for much longer periods of time, increasing the risk of the lamp burning out before its quoted lamp life.

If you need advice, just give us a call.

We are happy to help customers. PLC team is expert in selling OEM projector lamps. We have trained staff and can answer any questions you have regarding any kind of projectors and projector lamps.

If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your projector, you can can call us directly at +91 98108 05375


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