Projector spare parts in Chennai city


Spare parts of projector in Chennai city are offered to customer by Us. Given to satisfy projection related needs of customers. All spare part which are necessary for working of the projector is available at projector lamp clinic center. We provide spare parts to our customer for the customer benefit. These all spare parts are distributed by PLC in many cities of India in which Channai are laso included. We give 90 days guarantee on all types of spare parts of the projectors. Reasonable and authentic service is given by PLC to the customer. Projector spare parts in Channai are original and in good quality.

If interested to buy genuine projector spare parts in Chennai city then visit to our near by PLC Store

There are many projector spare parts in Chennai city like following that you can buy near to your city-

  • Color wheels of many sizes are available at our store for customers as according to their demand.
  • Power cord, flash tubes, those are important for the projection of the visualization of graphics is available at our store by which you can by easily at your city.
  • You can buy original spare parts of projector in Channai: Projector screen, cabinets, mirrors, power cord are also available at ou PLC store.
  • Projector spare parts at Channai: Conference equipment, spare panels, are given to our customers for the satisfaction of projections demands.
  • Projector spare parts like: Main board, panel assembly, LCD filters keep in stock by PLC in channai city. motherboards of many brands are available for vendor in affordable price.
  • Projector spare parts such as: Cooling fan, projector lenses, ports, assembly, dust filter, color filter, DMD chips, remote, power supply cards, polarizer glass, of many popular brands are available for the customer. projector spare parts in Channai are feasible, keep in store by PLC.


PLC deals in services of projectors and th ere spare parts in Channai citie of India.  Any customers who want to purchase projector spare part can contact nearby store of channai city. Fast and genuine service is given to them by projector lamp clinic.  PLC deals in many cities of India like in main cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh. And also in other cities of India.


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