Projector repair in Chandigarh


Projector repair in Chandigarh

Projector repair in Chandigarh: is prefer by PLC to our customer. Projector is like Epson, 3M, 3D, Acer, Dell, Sony, Panasonic, Optoma, Viewsonic, NEC, stop working then we provide repair services to our customer at Chandigarh. Projector repair in Chandigarh includes repair and service of projectors. Repair includes cleaning and washing of filters those are sometimes covered with dust. These are deeply cleaned at PLC by perfect our service experts at Chandigarh. Power contact points and other ports are cleaned at projector lamp clinic. Internal components of projector spare parts are cleaned by expert specialist of PLC. Those parts are completely damaged are removed or replaced with new spare parts.

Repair your following projectors in Chandigarh

3D PERCEPTION, 3M, ACER, ASK, BARCO, BENQ, CANON, CASIO, DELL, EPSON, EDUCOMP, GLOBUS, HITACHI, INFOCOUS, MITSUBISHI, Viewsonic, NEC, OPTOMA, PANASONIC, PLUS, SANYO, SONY, TOSHIBA, VIEW SONIC and much more top brand Projector and there sub models. Ask Projector repair in Chandigarh is available for all these famous brands and other brands also. Branded projector repair is economical at PLC Chandigarh. Projectors repaired at PLC run with original brightness, large number of customer take repair service at PLC.

Projector spare parts available in Chandigarh

We pacts in projectors and spare parts, batteries, cables, cord, projector color wheels. All these fragments can be simply founded by patron in Chandigarh city. PLC proffers projector services in Hyderabad for the convenience of customer. Replacement parts of projectors, projector lamps can be effortlessly institute by punter in his city there is need to just surfing or need of contact. So you can acquire worth product near to your city or in your city.

Repair of overhead projectors in Chandigarh

Get projector repair of LCD, DLP, and LCOs projector lamps and projector repair. We are specializing in projector repair and projector spare service. All types of projector lamps can be repaired at Chandigarh city.

+91 98108 05375
Address: Corporate Office and A V Repair Center
D-102, 2nd Floor, Street No.5, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110 092, India


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