Sunon projector fan

Sunon projector fan

Sunon projector fan of projector lamp clinic are designed to meet projection needs of customers. All models of sunon projector fans of PLC are easily portable and can be replaced easily. Projector fans are available for many brands of projectors. We also promote our campaign “Save earth” by giving eco friendly projector products. Recycling of many products is also done here.

Best projector spare parts in Nehru place Delhi

Main board, LCD panels, Panel assembly

Color filter, Polarizer glass, Micro switches
Projector filters, lamp ballast, Cooling fan,Prism assembly, Glassware, lenses, Fan assembly.
Many sound accessories, parts and replacement parts. And repair or other projector spares are offered to customer to satisfy their projection needs. Recycling is also done in Eco-friendly way. Many compact and portable spare parts are given to customer. You can find more information about our products by visiting on .


+91 98108 05375

Address:Corporate Office and A V Repair Center
D-102, 2nd Floor, Street No.5, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110 092, India



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