Projector spare parts in Hyderabad city

Get accessories for all these brands of projector, projector lamps of various wattage are available at projector lamp clinic. All our professional team is expert in providing the best service for projector repair. Lamp replacement, repair can be easily done by customer near to their home city. Life cycle of your projector lamp can be increased by vendor by well maintaining the lamps. Operating day time should not be more. It will help to exceed life of your projector lamps. All our projector lamps are well known for their durability and quality, operating time.

You can get accessories near to your native city. Projector branded accessories for Acer, Ask. Benq, Barco, Canon, Casio, Dell, Epson. Globous, Infocous, Mitsubshi, NEC, Optoma. Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic.

All brands can be find easily by customer here at PLC.  All our spare parts are of quality and are easy to use and maintain for projection purpose. Get special and quality projector lamps in Hyderabad city of India for projection and for entertainment use. 60 day guarantee is given on all spare parts of projectors. And 90 days guarantee is given on projector bulbs. All bulbs are dazzling to use, and light quality is good.


+91 98108 05375

Address: Corporate Office and A V Repair Center
D-102, 2nd Floor, Street No.5, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110 092, India



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