NEC NP 61 projector lamp

Average operating hours of projector lamp clinic

<h1>NEC NP 61 projector lamp model</h1> are 2000 hours; 90 days guarantee is given to customer by projector lamp clinic on purchasing any kind of projector. If lamp is smashed during this time period then it can easily swap at PLC. We at PLC always work for punter consummation and for their expediency.  This projector lamp is made from original and affordable material. 220 watt NEC NP 61 projector lamp models are vivid to use for projection purpose. These can be used for different types of projections like for education <h2>purpose projection,</h2> business projection, and for entertainment purpose projections. This lamp model is used as an alternative projector lamp for many models of NEC projectors.  If lamps are damaged more they can be easily recycled at PLC to reduce environmental waste and to promote our campaign of “Save Earth”.

<h3>NEC projector lamps</h3> of various wattages are kept in our store. Many auxiliary lamps are accessible to consumer for their projection purpose. These lamps are specific and easy to use for any kind of projectors.  This model of NEC projector lamp is explicit projector lamp.


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