Projector additional fragments in Mumbai city

Many brands of projector lamp and spares parts are available at PLC. We offer quality projectors and assisting portions; they are now easily distributed to customer in Mumbai city. We deliver many fixtures of projectors to those customers who need projector spare parts in their native city. Projector restoration issues can be easily solved at PLC.  Color wheels, power cord, flash tubes, projector reflector, projector  screen, conference equipment, spare  panels, main board, panel assembly, LCD filters, cooling fans, lenses, ports, assembly, dust filter, color filter, DMD chips, remote, power supply cards, polarizer glass, cabinets, mirrors, power suppliers all are placed in inventory.  Spare parts for parade are cabinets, stands, brackets, cable covers, boards, buttons, cables, filter glass and power suppliers all are obtainable for customer.  All projector equipment for projector setting and other parts are available for customer in their near city. Replacement parts of projectors, projector lamps can be effortlessly institute by punter in his city there is need to just surfing at …


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