Life time of PLC projector lamps

After long time use projector lamp get fail to work, it may be due to physical break, or owing to more operating hours. There are many electrical apparatuses inside the projector lamp those may flop and waged hours may reduce. Projector parts and sifters should be sanitary and airy to escalate the life-span of lamp. All our projector lamps effective hours are 2,000 hours. These lamps may precede long time if these lamps are well sustained.  Booklet growing of projector lamp projection closer and far mounting make big image on screen, daily functional hours should be inadequate to enrich life cycle of projector bulb. Projector should not be straddling on blistering areas they should be mounted in those areas where temperature is less than 35 degree. Warmth may rift projector lamp timely. Lamp tough should be done before purchasing projector lamp. Proper projector operating environment should be choose, it should not be sweltering, smutty or sultry area.


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