Projector lamp lenses

Innumerable sizes of projector lenses those are embedded on the structure of metal to scatter light for projection. All our projector lenses are definitive for the visual spectacle of depictions, imaginings, and videos. These accouterments are easy to mount within minutes. 2-6 mm projector lamp lenses are obtainable in our stock. Various dimensions and shapes of projector lamp lenses are offered for our customers. Convex projector lenses, optical projector lenses, are real and can be used in different types of projector lamps. All our projector lamp lenses have high life stint. Lenses of various diameters are accessible at PLC. These lenses have adjustable angle and are durable. Heat insulation lenses are very good to use. All our projector lamp lenses are designed to expand their life cycle and time period. These lenses have heat resistance quality and chemical resistance quality. Well suited for rear projections, sharp picture and high contrast picture are formed on the screen where projector is mounted. All projector lenses are made from new technology, and with the new material.


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