Swiftly solve your projector repair forebodings

We are always ready to troubleshoot their projector related snags. All our talented operators can solve your projector disruptive. Circuit board repair, projector cleaning, projector testing, projector power issues, cooling issues, image discoloration, filter’s defects, mirrors, fans and bulbs all concerns can be easily unraveled at PLC. Mirrors on DMD chips can be cracked, pixels may be smashed, it may also affect projected image. Our staff is proficient to decipher projector matters as dead projectors; it is not taking any signal, damaged lamp, partial image formation, image quality problem, remote control issues, and lens damage. Photo sensor should be clean to read data from color wheel. If there is any conjoint problem of your projector lamp, our team will help you to run your projector with inventive brightness. PLC indicates that all equipment revamped at highest customary with unvarying process. Our service is Eco-friendly….


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